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Rev. Benjamin Carroll, is the Co-Founder of Carroll Ministries International and Pastor of Greater Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in West Palm Beach, FL. Rev. Carroll also serves as President of the Florida East Coast Baptist Association’s Northern Union. Rev. Carroll is also an active duty Major serving as a Chaplain in the U.S. Army.

What Earth Day Means for the Black Church

Rev. Benjamin Carroll, Green The Church & Carroll Ministries International

Earth Day is only a few days away and the selected theme for this year is, “Protect Our Species”. It is important to protect the migrating Monarch Butterfly or the Florida Manatee, but we must also be mindful of the plight of people of color who too are often left unprotected against the onslaught of community neglect and community decay. As we look forward to Earth Day, let’s take this opportunity to make sure we expose ourselves to the broad initiatives of what this important day means particularly for people of color. Animals and insects play an important role in creating balance in our ecosystems, neglecting them would mean devastation in areas often unknown to those who are not directly impacted. More importantly, those of the human species, Homo sapiens, specifically those whose skin has been kissed by nature’s sun are on the verge of extinction due to poor living conditions, polluted air, lack of adequate food sources and toxic drinking water being pumped through inner-city water systems.

It’s time the Black church stood up and began to invest time and resources in launching a collective responsibility to ensure our congregations take our place in protecting the Human Species. We charge the African American Church to do its part by helping to mobilize your local church and surrounding churches to observe Earth Day, April 22nd and get involved in Earth Day advocacy initiatives. Resurrection Sunday is April 21st, the day we celebrate Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s resurrection and victory. This is also a day we can celebrate the God of all creation by thanking Him for His precious gift of creation and ALL that dwell therein. We encourage congregations to go above and beyond to make your Earth Day service moving, enlightening, and inspirational.

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