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Connect To The GTC Grid

Thank you for wanting to connect to what we call our Green The Church Grid. There are two ways to get connected with us. You may connect your congregation as a Green Church, if yours hasn’t done so already, or as an individual.  Our hope is that you or your congregation develop a Green Team at your church if you haven’t already. we believe that ministry is more fun in teams! We have three pillars as an organization; 1) Amplifying Green Theology, 2) Promoting Sustainable Projects, and 3) Building Power for Political & Economic Change. Once you’re active in three areas in each pillar you will be considered by GTC as a certified Green Church. Once certified we will work to lift your projects so that others may be so inspired. In addition, you will automatically become a part of our national grid and be connected with a growing network of individuals and congregations across the country committed to sustainability in their communities.


Here are a few resources to assist you and your congregation in the fight for environmental justice.

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