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14th of November 2019

Turning Faith Into Action – Rev. Dr. Timothy Tyler

Denver Weekly News October 31, 2019

24th of August 2019

Green The Church – Florida: A Talk with Rev. Tania Carroll

Rev. Tania Carroll’s passion for environmental justice and sustainability come from every aspect of her life. After a 30 year career as a firefighter, Rev. Tania  has witnessed firsthand the effects that both man-made and natural disasters have on communities. As a woman of color, she has also noticed how certain communities tend to be […]

Green The Church – Louisiana: A Talk with Pastor Emily Carroll

Rev. Emily pictured on right.       “Whenever you’re in a fight, it’s going to be difficult. Whenever you want justice, it’s going to be difficult.”   The glass ceilings that come along with fighting for environmental justice do not faze Rev. Emily Carroll. She serves as the Sr. Pastor of the St. James [...]

20th of August 2019

Green The Church 2019 Pre Summit Trip: A Talk with Pastor Bruce and Vickie Carroll

While visiting St. Louis, MO to prepare for the Green The Church Summit in October, Rev. Bruce Carroll Sr., M. Div. Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Shreveport, LA. and First Lady Vickie Carroll, a former school teacher, spent two weeks networking and connecting with the community. While talking with members of the community, they [...]

29th of July 2019

Black History Month 28 Green Heroes

This year in celebration of Black History Month, Green The Church will embark on the 28 Green Heroes initiative. Every day we will highlight leaders from within the GTC network that have made strides in the fight for environmental justice. We believe that it is important for the world to see there are people in [...]

18th of July 2019

What Earth Day Means for the Black Church – Earth Day 2019

Rev. Benjamin Carroll, is the Co-Founder of Carroll Ministries International and Pastor of Greater Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in West Palm Beach, FL. Rev. Carroll also serves as President of the Florida East Coast Baptist Association’s Northern Union. Rev. Carroll is also an active duty Major serving as a Chaplain in the U.S. Army. What […]

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