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Continuing our endeavors in meeting the unmet needs of the church, family, and community.




Carroll Ministries International is a holistic ministry that has heard the call from God to work toward rebuilding families and communities and helping the previously mentioned entities of human life to return to Church and return to God. It is our desire that man would recognize the power of God, and how needed God is to the maintenance of a healthy life and a healthy family. We understand that people need more than a place of worship to fight against poverty, depression, crime, and prejudices. People need a ministry that understands the whole person and its environment, a ministry that is willing to be like Christ and meet the person “where they are”, and in whatsoever state of being that they are in.


Carroll Ministries International is a Faith-Based organization developed to meet the spiritual needs of all persons, families and communities. As a spiritual service organization we promote several concepts of Christianity. With God as the core and foundation of this ministry, we strive to maintain a strong practice of our beliefs in Love, Peace, Faith, Education and Family.


  • Christian Education
  • Christian Ministry/Church Enrichment
  • Community Enrichment
  • Family Outreach and Women in Ministry




Rev. Bruce Carroll Sr., M. Div.
Executive Director of Carroll Ministries International and Senior Pastor/Servant Leader of the Historic Antioch Baptist Church, Shreveport, LA. Rev. Bruce also gives executive leadership in the area of Christian Education.

Rev. Benjamin Carroll Jr., M.Div.
Senior Pastor/Servant Leader of the Greater Antioch MBC in West Palm Beach, FL. Rev. Ben, gives leadership to the work the CMI does to encourage congregations to actively utilize the principles of Evangelism in church growth and development. Rev. Ben also serves as the President of the Northern Division of the Florida East Coast Missionary Baptist Association.

Rev. Tania Maxwell-Carroll, MA
Organizational Leadership- Oversees all CMI efforts that support women in ministry and address family enrichment from a Christian base.

Rev. Emily L. Carroll, M.Div.
Currently serves as Pastor with the St. James United Methodist Church  Shreveport, LA. Rev. Emily is the CMI Logistics Administrator and Special Events Coordinator.

Rev. Dr. Ambrose F. Carroll M.Div., MBA, PhD
Senior Pastor/Servant Leader of the Church By the Side of the Road, Berkeley Ca. Rev. Ambrose is also the creator of Green the Church campaign and founder of the annual Green the Church Summit, now in its 3rd year.

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