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Green The Church engages congregations in the fight against climate change, and helps churches serve as centers of resilience that ensure their communities survive—and thrive—in the face of disasters.

We invite you to get involved in this environmental movement as we collectively wake up the ‘sleeping giant’ that is the Black church.

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Former Dean of the @@bjmlspa & current distinguished professor at @TexasSouthern @DrBobBullard is called the Father of #EnvironmentalJustice for his work connecting #civilrights to #environmental racism, #climatejustice & more. #PrecinctOneBlackHistory #KnowHistory #MakeHistory

Rev. Garry A. Harris has worked with many organizations on a mission to help communities become strong against the effects of environment changes. In total, Harris has worked with over a dozen organizations for environmental stability. Read more here:

Former VP @algore visited Union Hill, VA where he described the Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s plan to build a compressor station in the African-American community as a “vivid example of environmental racism.” #EnvironmentalRacism #NoACP #WeAreAllUnionHill

“I feel the most important thing for African American Church clergy and lay people to know about #environmentaljustice, #climatechange and how it impacts their everyday lives; is that care or stewardship of the planet is the first commandment in our holy writ. ‘#Proctor2019

We don’t and cannot continue to relate in silos. We’ve got to start creating again. @ValHillRawls #ActOnClimate #BlackHistory #Proctor2019

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Our Three Pillars

  • Amplify Green Theology
  • Promote Sustainable Practices
  • Build Power for Change

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